Technology should enable business

Most organisations face choices about how to make the right product, with the right process and right technology, in order to remain competitive. Business and tech aren't often speaking the same language. At Kaiden we are uniquely able to understand both worlds, allowing us to help you make the right decisions. We thus work with you to build businesses that make real impact.


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Lari Mahlio, Partner

Lari has two decades of experience in software industry, consulting as a cloud expert, team lead and project manager in multiple countries in demanding environments with companies including Nordcloud and Polar Squad.

Lari specialises in agile methodologies, development productivity and project management.

Fun tech: AWS, Typescript, Scalable Systems, Cloud
Business philosophy: Every company is a digital business.
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Kristoffer Lawson, Partner

In the industry since the early days of the Internet, Kristoffer started coding when he was a young kid in Northern Ireland. He has since built and run ambitious companies such as Holvi and Solu, and has a keen eye for upcoming industry trends.

Kristoffer revels in new product strategy, innovation management, and launch execution.

Fun tech: Tcl, C, Frontend, Distributed Architectures
Business philosophy: Don't just think different.
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Herkko Virolainen, Chairman

Herkko has over 15 years of experience in IT. He is a strategic thinker with professional experience in building both business and technology. Herkko holds multiple board seats in different companies and additionally is an active advisor.

Herkko focuses on corporate infrastructure and team strategy.

Fun tech: Clojure, AWS, Web3
Business philosophy: Solve problems that are worth solving.
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Teemu Korpela, Strategist

Teemu has over 20 years of experience in a variety of technological positions. He evolved an acute sense for business through founding multiple IT service companies and from several board positions. Teemu co-founded and grew Polar Squad to a €10M revenue business.

Teemu's special interest is in team building and company formation.

Fun tech: Python
Business philosophy: Choose your battles carefully, usually less is more.


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